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Analog Tilt Sensors

The CXTA and CXTLA single and dual-axis tilt sensors offer an easy-to-use signal conditioned 0-5V analog output. With the CXTA, angle measurements can be made up to ±75 degrees in tilt range while the CXTLA offers high-resolution accuracy for measurement up to ±20 degrees. The zero-angle voltage and sensitivity are stable over the lifetime of the device. The sensor works with unregulated power supply inputs of 6 to 30 VDC and is available in plastic and high-temperature metal housing.

Download DataSheet: CXTA , CXTLA

Typical Applications: Crane Boom, Aerial Lift, Solar Panel Control, Platform Leveling

Digital Tilt Sensors

The CXTILT02 inclinometer offers outstanding resolution, dynamic response and accuracy. The CXTILT02 measures the tilt angle of an object with respect to the horizontal in a static environment. To measure tilt, also called roll and pitch, the sensor makes use of two micro-machined accelerometers, one oriented along the X-axis and one along the Y-axis.

Download DataSheet: CXTILT

Typical Applications: Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Surveying

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