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Microcontroller : ATmega1281
Frequency : 14.7456 MHz
SD Card : 2GB
Weight : 20gr
Dimensions : 73.5 x 51 x 13 mm
Temperature Range : [-10ºC, +65ºC]
Clock : RTC (32KHz)

Power consumption

ON : 15mA
Sleep : 55μA
Deep Sleep : 55μA
Hibernate : 0.07μA

Electrical data

Battery voltage : 3.3 V - 4.2V
USB charging : 5 V - 100mA
Solar panel charging : 6 - 12 V - 280mA


7 Analog (I),
8 Digital (I/O),
1 PWM,
1 I2C,

Built-in sensors on the board

Temperature (+/-) : -40ºC , +85ºC. Accuracy: 0.25ºC
Accelerometer : ±2g/±4g/±8g
Low power : 0.5 Hz/1 Hz/2 Hz/5 Hz/10 Hz
Normal mode : 50 Hz/100 Hz/400 Hz/1000 Hz

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City pollution-Emissions from farms and hatcheries-Control of chemical and industrial processes-Forest fires. Read more..

Over the air programming (OTAP) enables firmware upgrades of the motes without the need of physical access. Firmware upgrades can be made within minutes and it is possible to choose between updating single nodes (unicast), multiple nodes (multicast) or an entire network (broadcast).

The Encryption Libraries for Waspmote ensure the authentication, confidentiality (privacy) and integrity of the information gathered by the sensors. To do so different cryptography algorithms including AES 256 and RSA 1024 have been implemented.

Get IPv6 connectivity in each node by using the 6LoWPAN stack source code available. Program the nodes in Java and C#. Simulate thousand of motes working in the same network.

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