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MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless modules to meet the specific needs of your application for either end-user or OEM designs. These platforms are designed to provide customers with all of the tools needed to evaluate, design and develop a wireless sensor network.


Typical Applications: Acoustic Sensing, Video, Seismic Vibration Monitoring

LOTUS is an advanced wireless node platform developed around the low power ARM7 Cortex M3 CPU and incorporates the best of IRIS, TelosB and Imote2 onto a single board. LOTUS is built on a modular and stackable design, incorporating connectors for expansion boards, and features several new capabilities that enhance the overall functionality of MEMSIC’s wireless sensor networking products and solutions. LOTUS is backward compatible with MEMSIC’s MDA and MTS range of Sensor Data Acquisition Boards.

LOTUS is factory configured to run RTOS (Real Time Operating System). Several other options are also available for LOTUS, including MEMSIC Kiel, RTOS, IAR Systems, Free RTOS, MoteRunner and TinyOS. The 51pin expansion connector supports Analog Inputs, Digital I/O, I2C, SPI and UART interfaces enabling ease of connection to a variety of external peripherals.


Download Datasheet: IRIS, IRIS OEM Edition

The IRIS is a 2.4 GHz Mote used for enabling low-power wireless sensor networks. Available as a module (M2110) or board-level platform (XM2110), IRIS provides users with high-level functional integration designed to optimize the addition of wireless mesh networking technology to a wide variety of custom sensing applications providing up to three times improved radio range and twice the program memory over previous generations of MICA Motes.

MEMSIC has opted to bundle its IRIS wireless sensor motes with a new software platform invented by IBM scientists in Zurich called Mote Runner. Together with the Mote Runner software development environment, this advanced hardware and software combination offers clients a user-friendly platform for testing, debugging, and maintaining applications for MEMSIC IRIS motes running Mote Runner.


Download Datasheets: MICA2, MICAz

The MICA Mote platform is a third generation device used for enabling low-power, wireless sensor networks available in 2.4GHz and 868/916 MHz. The MICAz Mote offers a 2.4 GHz, IEEE/ZigBee 802.15.4, board and the MICA2 is an 868/916 MHz Multi-channel radio transceiver used for low-power, wireless, sensor networks. The MICA Mote platforms are fully compatible with the MoteWorks Software Platform and enable users to set up ad-hoc.


Download Datasheets: TelosB

The TelosB mote platform is an open source, low-power wireless sensor module designed to enable cutting-edge experimentation for the research community. The TelosB bundles all the essentials for lab studies into a single platform including: USB programming capability, an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant, high data-rate radio with integrated antenna, a low-power MCU with extended memory and an optional sensor suite.


Download Datasheet: MCS410, MCS-KIT40

The Cricket Mote is a location-aware version of the popular MICA2 low-power Processor/Radio module. The Cricket Mote includes all of the standard MICA2 hardware and an ultrasound transmitter and receiver. This device uses the combination of RF and ultrasound technologies to establish differential time of arrival and hence linear range estimates.

Typical Applications: WSN System Enablement, Asset Management, Ubiquitous Computing Sensor Boards

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