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Intrinsic, is a Bangalore-based provider of optimized or end-to-end solutions, in the areas of Wireless Sensor Networks and Embedded Systems. We help business organizations, Technology companies, Defense organizations, Govt. agencies, and R&D establishments, identify the right solution for their R&D needs. Read More

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Intrisic Solutions will strive for excellence in providing optimal Products and Solutions in to Our Clients by sourcing,adding value & delivering.

Intrinsic Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of the Nutaq DSP-FPGA based product.Nutaq is a leading design house specializing in digital signal processing products for over 25years.Nutaq was one of the first and is still one of the only companies in the world to successfully combine DSP-FPGA processing technologies. With Superior development boards and digital signal processing solutions, Nutaq is a leader in DSP-FPGA technlogies and exellent DSP product development partner, Nutaq can support the customers at each step of new product development-end to end or at specific moments in the development process.

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PERYTONS Protocol Analyzer

Dini Group FPGA Boards

Nutaq DSP Boards& Systems

MEMSIC Inertial Systems

Lantronix Networking Devices

Inertial Labs

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