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Wireless Sensor Networks & Embedded Systems.

Intrinsic, is a Bangalore-based provider of optimized or end-to-end solutions to business organizations, Technology companies, Defense organizations, Govt. agencies, and R&D establishments. The areas of Corporate Research, Defense Research, Space Research and Academic Research involve various applications that require specialized products, services and solutions. Intrinsic works like an extension of the organization, identifying the most suitable product or solution, procuring the same, and helping the organization deploy it.

The team at Intrinsic has considerable experience in the areas of Wireless Sensor Networks and Embedded Systems, and the company is considered a pioneer in these areas, in India. We have worked extensively in the Indian market, and have an in-depth understanding of the requirements and applications, at various organizations. We then leverage this knowledge and our Technology expertise by working as Consultants, and matching your requirement with the most suitable product or solution available in the market.

This way, clients can save valuable time and energy that is spent currently, in identifying solutions; interacting with vendors; analyzing technical data; short-listing solutions; conducting negotiations; making the purchase, and finally deploying the solution. Further, our Technology expertise can help identify flaws if any, in our client’s solution approach, and provide corrective recommendations.

Intrinsic Solutions

To enable this, we have a large team of highly qualified Sales and Support Engineers, Pre-sales and Post-sales Technical specialists, and Technology consultants, spread across Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. These personnel are directed by the core team, which provides the Market Reach, the Visibility and other necessary support.


Perytons Protocol Analyzer
Dini Group FPGA Boards
Nutaq DSP Boards & Systems
Memsic Inertial Systems
Lantronix Networking Devices
Inertial Labs


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