Inertial Labs

Inertial Labs provides industry leading inertial orientation solutions with an uncompromising focus on products that represent the smallest size and lowest cost alternatives for their given class of performance.

Inertial Labs current product offerings in weapon orientation, 3D orientation, and attitude and heading reference systems all represent this focus. Each provides excellent performance in a fraction of the size and cost of the closest competitive devices.

Inertial Labs also provides professional services in the field of position and orientation tracking with specific focuses on the needs of military and law enforcement training and simulation. Our development projects in the past have included indoor/outdoor position and orientation tracking of personnel and weapons, high precision weapon orientation tracking for live force-on-force target engagement purposes, inertial sensor based pedestrian navigation, full body orientation tracking, and more.

Inertial Labs

We currently are operating under multiple open government SBIR Phase III and BAA contracts and are actively pursuing additional development items to be included within these open contracts.


  • Human Motion Tracking
  • Weapon Orientation
  • Real-time Immersive Training
  • Gaming Systems
  • Head Tracking
  • Robotics Navigation
  • Motion Capture
  • Antenna/Platform Stabilization
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Training and Simulation
  • Unmanned Vehicles Navigation
  • Pedestrian Navigation
  • Movement Science
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Autopilot Systems
  • Human Input Devices
  • Inertial Aided GPS
  • Virtual Locomotion
  • Indoor Positioning

Areas of Interest

  • Algorithms that enhance performance of existing low-cost sensor packages
  • Indoor position and orientation tracking
  • Sensor fusion development
  • Weapon orientation tracking
  • Human motion tracking
  • Virtual and Augmented reality
  • Inertial position tracking for GPS denied environments
  • Ultra-sonic / inertial hybrid systems
  • Ultra-wideband / inertial hybrid systems
  • Optical / inertial hybrid systems


Lantronix Networking Devices
Nutaq DSP Boards & Systems
Memsic Inertial Systems
Archangel Systems Inc
Reflex Ces FPGA Boards
Perytons Protocol Analyzer


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