MEMSIC’s Wireless Sensor Networks Products

MEMSIC's wireless sensors connect the physical environment with enterprise management and information systems to provide advanced monitoring, automation and control solutions for a range of industries. The applications for wireless sensor networks are almost limitless with many industries and applications having specific technology requirements such as reliability, battery-life, range, frequencies, and topologies, size of the network, sampling rate and sensor use.

Intrinsic Solutions

To address the unique requirements of individual applications, MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless sensor network products such as our eKo, MICAz, TelosB, and IRIS Wireless Development Kits that allows our customers to choose the optimal solution for their industry, application and geographical requirements. MEMSIC's technology is proven in numerous deployments and is ideal for systems where multiple sensors nodes are required.

The radio technology used by MEMSIC in their wireless modules supports domestic and international frequency bands in the 433 MHz, 868-915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz bands. Multiple channels are available in each band under software control, resulting in a flexible solution for customer applications. The processor has full control of radio features, and can control parameters such as transmit/receive mode switching, channel selection, output power, and radio standby mode. Data packets routed through the radio are error correction encoded, with the ability to listen to the channel via RSSI measurement to determine if the channel is clear to send data. Depending on choice of radio and configuration, data rates of 19.2kbps to 240kbps are available. Both the radio and processor support deep sleep modes for maximum power savings. The motes are designed to support battery operation from 2.4V to 3.6V, with an integral battery voltage monitor.

MEMSIC's wireless sensors and motes enable OEMs and system integrators to bring end-to-end systems to market quickly and economically. Building on MEMSIC's recent acquisition of Crossbow Technology’s expertise as the leader of wireless sensor networks, MEMSIC is committed to making the future of WSN technology a reality.

MEMSIC - Wireless Modules

MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless modules to meet the specific needs of your application for either end-user or OEM designs. These platforms are designed to provide customers with all of the tools needed to evaluate, design and develop a wireless sensor network.


LOTUS is an advanced wireless node platform developed around the low power ARM7 Cortex M3 CPU and incorporates the best of IRIS, TelosB and Imote2 onto a single board. LOTUS is built on a modular and stackable design, incorporating connectors for expansion boards, and features several new capabilities that enhance the overall functionality of MEMSIC’s wireless sensor networking products and solutions. LOTUS is backward compatible with MEMSIC’s MDA and MTS range of Sensor Data Acquisition Boards.

Intrinsic Solutions

Typical Applications: Acoustic Sensing, Video, Seismic Vibration Monitoring.

LOTUS is factory configured to run RTOS (Real Time Operating System). Several other options are also available for LOTUS, including MEMSIC Kiel, RTOS, IAR Systems, Free RTOS, MoteRunner and TinyOS. The 51pin expansion connector supports Analog Inputs, Digital I/O, I2C, SPI and UART interfaces enabling ease of connection to a variety of external peripherals.


The IRIS is a 2.4 GHz Mote used for enabling low-power wireless sensor networks. Available as a module (M2110) or board-level platform (XM2110), IRIS provides users with high-level functional integration designed to optimize the addition of wireless mesh networking technology to a wide variety of custom sensing applications providing up to three times improved radio range and twice the program memory over previous generations of MICA Motes.

MEMSIC has opted to bundle its IRIS wireless sensor motes with a new software platform invented by IBM scientists in Zurich called Mote Runner. Together with the Mote Runner software development environment, this advanced hardware and software combination offers clients a user-friendly platform for testing, debugging, and maintaining applications for MEMSIC IRIS motes running Mote Runner.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheet: IRIS, IRIS OEM Edition.


The MICA Mote platform is a third generation device used for enabling low-power, wireless sensor networks available in 2.4GHz and 868/916 MHz. The MICAz Mote offers a 2.4 GHz, IEEE/ZigBee 802.15.4, board and the MICA2 is an 868/916 MHz Multi-channel radio transceiver used for low-power, wireless, sensor networks. The MICA Mote platforms are fully compatible with the MoteWorks Software Platform and enable users to set up ad-hoc.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheets: MICA2, MICAz.


The TelosB mote platform is an open source, low-power wireless sensor module designed to enable cutting-edge experimentation for the research community. The TelosB bundles all the essentials for lab studies into a single platform including: USB programming capability, an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant, high data-rate radio with integrated antenna, a low-power MCU with extended memory and an optional sensor suite.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheets: MICA2, MICAz.


The Cricket Mote is a location-aware version of the popular MICA2 low-power Processor/Radio module. The Cricket Mote includes all of the standard MICA2 hardware and an ultrasound transmitter and receiver. This device uses the combination of RF and ultrasound technologies to establish differential time of arrival and hence linear range estimates.

Typical Applications: WSN System Enablement, Asset Management, Ubiquitous Computing Sensor Boards

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheet: MCS410, MCS-KIT40

MEMSIC - Sensor Board

MEMSIC provides a variety of sensor boards and data acquisition cards that connect to our wireless modules and provide both direct sensing connectivity as well as external sensor capabilities. All MICA and IRIS family sensor boards from MEMSIC are supported with drivers in the MoteWorks Software Platform. The ITS sensor board interfaces directly with our Imote2 platform with system software available from open source.

Mote Sensor Boards

The MTS sensor boards are flexible with a variety of sensing modalities, providing you options to meet your sensing needs including Dual-Axis Accelerometer (ADXL202), Dual-Axis Magnetometer, Light, Temperature, Acoustic and Sounder, barometric pressure, relative humidity, GPS, etc. Compatible with MICA and IRIS wireless modules

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheet: MTS400/420

Mote Data Acquisition Boards

The MDA platform provides extremely versatile data acquisition platforms compatible with the MICA and IRIS wireless modules. The MDA300 includes an onboard temperature/ humidity sensor and with its multifunction direct user interface provides a convenient and flexible solution to enable multiple sensor modalities. The MDA100CA has a precision thermistor, a light sensor/photocell and general prototyping area that supports connection to all 51 pins on the expansion connector, and the 42 unconnected solder points for bread-boarding.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheet: MTS400/420

MEMSIC - Gateways

MEMSIC provides a wide range of gateway boards. Multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, Wifi, USB and serial are supported to provide a base station for connecting an IRIS or MICA sensor network to an enterprise, industrial or custom network, or locally to a PC. Any MICA or IRIS Mote can function as a base station when mated to the relevant interface board.


The MIB520CB provides USB connectivity to the MICA and IRIS Mote for communication and in-system programming. In addition to data transfer, the MIB520CB also provides a USB programming interface.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheets: MIB520CB


The MIB510CA allows for the aggregation of sensor network data on a PC using a serial interface as well as other standard computer platforms. In addition to data transfer, the MIB510CA also provides an RS-232 serial programming interface.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheets: MIB510


The MIB600CA provides Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) connectivity to the MICA/IRIS family of motes for communication and in-system programming. The MIB600CA allows remote access to sensor network data via TCP/IP. The MIB600CA serial server connects directly to a 10 Base-T LAN like any other network device. The MIB600CA can bridge "wired" and "wireless" segments of a network. The MIB600CA is also an effective conduit for sensor data.

Intrinsic Solutions

Download Datasheets: MIB600

ēKo Pro Series System

ēKo™ is an outdoor wireless sensing system enabling environmental research, microclimate studies, smart water management, conservation and precision agriculture. eKo introduces a new generation of sensor integration and wireless technology empowering users with the knowledge and data to understand their environment. This revolutionary solar-powered system has miniaturized and expanded the idea of outdoor wireless sensing enabling users to take nature's pulse and gain a competitive advantage in a resource constrained world.

Key Benefits Include

  • Gain real-time insight into growing conditions
  • Monitor variability among microclimates
  • Optimize watering for deficit irrigation
  • Track end-to-end water use
  • Access new environments for monitoring with a wide variety of sensors
  • Gain real-time environmental insight immediately with remote monitoring
  • Get greater visibility into crop health and disease outbreak prediction

Typical Applications: Environmental Monitoring, Smart Water Grids, Precision Agriculture.


Intrinsic Solutions

ēKo Kit

Development Kits

MEMSIC's wireless sensor network kits support our customers through all stages of their wireless sensor network development – from Starter Kits, to Professional and OEM Development Kits and Classroom Kits.

Starter Kit

The WSN-STARTER kits provide an easy and cost-effective way to get first-hand experience with wireless sensor networks. These entry-level kits provide all the basic components needed to create a minimal wireless sensor network including three wireless modules, two sensor boards, one gateway and programming board with the MoteView visualization software. The Starter Kit is available in 2.4GHz.

Download Datasheets: WSN-START

Typical Applications: Academic Programs

Intrinsic Solutions

Professional Kit

The WSN-PRO kits provide the tools for the development of real-world wireless sensor networks and the creation of proof-of-concept systems. Eight wireless modules with a variety of sensor and data acquisition boards, two gateway and programming boards, housings for prototype deployment and MoteView visualization software are included. The Professional Kit is available in 2.4GHz.

Download Datasheets: WSN-PRO

Typical Applications: Academic Programs, Testbed Setups

Intrinsic Solutions

OEM Design Kits

The OEM Design Kits enable the development of customer specific wireless sensor devices for volume production. Pre-programmed, open reference design specifications, detailed hardware documentation and stamp-size modules allow for fast integration of wireless processor/radios into hardware designs. Five wireless modules with data acquisition boards, five OEM modules, one gateway and one programming pod, and MoteView visualization software are included. The OEM Kit is available in 2.4GHz.

Download Datasheets: WSN-OEM

Typical Applications: WSN System Enablement, Asset Management

Intrinsic Solutions

Classroom Kits

Classroom kits are ideal for the typical teaching lab or university sensor class, getting students up and running quickly and economically. To support 10 lab stations, a collection of 30 wireless modules, 20 sensor and data acquisition boards, 10 gateway and programming boards are included. The Classroom Kit is available in 2.4GHz.

Download Datasheets: WSN-EDU

Typical Applications: Academic Programs, Testbed Setups

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